Wallpaper Choices: The Right Choice Now

Wallpaper Choices: The Right Choice Now

When we talk about different types of wallpaper, an important distinction to make is that concerning its composition:

Natural cellulose for wallpaper singapore is the most common. It has the great advantage of lasting a long time, in addition to the possibility of being colored in different ways;

The version in non-woven fabric in wallpaper singapore is very similar to that in real fabric, but it is an economical and resistant version, which reduces maintenance operations to a minimum. Its composition allows the walls of your home to breathe, avoiding the formation of mold. It is washable, water repellent and resistant to high temperatures. It is made up of both textile fibers (such as cotton, silk, linen and jute) and synthetic fibers (such as nylon). With the “glue on the wall” technique it can be applied directly on the walls, without having to soak the paper. This allows you, when you want to change it to renew the environment, to remove it perfectly and without first having to wet it;

Eclectic style wallpaper

Glass fiber: special very fine yarns obtained by melting glass at a temperature of 1400 degrees centigrade. Their structure is so light that it looks like canvas. They retain all the natural characteristics of glass, but are stronger and more resistant (the fireproof and highly technological coating makes them safe even in the event of fire), thanks to this particular process;

Vinyl / pvc: with superior performance compared to cellulose, in terms of resistance and yield. Thanks to advanced digital technologies and the use of high-performance materials, vinyl is a beautiful reinterpretation of the classic wallpaper. It is composed of a paper layer covered with a PVC layer, which makes it waterproof. In its creation phase, the graphics can also be printed directly on this last layer. It stands out for its aesthetics, ease of installation and functionality. It is odorless, fireproof and long-lasting. Its water resistance makes it the most suitable material for covering kitchens and bathrooms.