Praise for 3 Gates of the Dead

Library Journal, Starred Review 

Ryan’s first novel skillfully blends theology, murder mystery, horror, and paranormal investigation through one man’s struggle with his belief in God. Solid characterization and a grounding in his subject matter make this series opener a real attraction for fans of The Exorcist and the darker fiction of C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams.

New York Journal of Books

“. . . an intense, compelling story that keeps the reader thoroughly engaged . . . In a story about good versus evil, Jonathan Ryan brings an old-school vibe back to contemporary horror.”

Midwest Book Review

3 Gates of the Dead, by Jonathan Ryan is a roller-coaster ride of a horror story —the suspense keeps building and you know when you hit the other side you are going to come out screaming—but you can’t help turning the pages anyway.

Intrepid Magazine

The struggle of faith juxtaposed with the onslaught of things we aren’t supposed to believe strikes a deep chord with many people in this day and age, and when blended with fear of the unknown and the temeritous virtue of the overtly horrific, 3 Gates of the Dead brought me, all at once, to that place of intellectual terror that only results in pure joy over a book that so immediately transports to other realms of the deeply macabre in a primordial, Lovecraftian scope. It is more than obvious that Jonathan Ryan has a firm grasp on crisis of belief, as well as a keen insight into the things that send shivers down our necks.

Paranormal Pop Culture

“Jonathan Ryan’s captivating writing style, his attention to detail in his characters, and his grasp of what truly scares people, makes 3 Gates of the Dead a must read for fans of horror and suspense. Adding the element of romance to this chilling tale made me love this story even more and left me hungry for its sequel, The Dark Bride. Warning: Your electric bill will go up from having to sleep with the lights on.”

Praise for Dark Bride: 3 Gates of the Dead, Book 2

“For those who like to mix deep theological debate with full-throttle horror, there’s no better bet than the works of the Catholic master of the macabre, Jonathan Ryan.”

Robert Masello, USA Today best-selling author of The Romanov Cross

“[Dark Bride] successfully knits religion, demonology and suspense to produce a tapestry of excitement and originality that will please any fan of the genre.”

Andrew Neiderman, Author of The Devil’s Advocate and The Terrorist’s Holiday

“A remarkable novel.”

Michael W. Collings, Literary Scholar and author of The Annotated Guide to Stephen King. Read Collings’ incredibly insightful review in full here.

“A tale steeped in the fantastic and simmered in faith, a book as terrifying as it is profound—Dan Brown collides with Stephen King collides with St. Augustine.”

Jack Slay Jr., Author of Sleeping Policemen

Dark Bride is scary, smart, fun . . . it’s  entertaining and thought-provoking. This is how I like to spend my time.”

Michaelbrent Collings, Bestselling author and screenwriter

“This book does not disappoint! Jonathan Ryan really steps up his game in this terrifying next installment. Well played, Ryan. Well played.”

Jo Schaffer, Literary agent and Young Adult author