Jonathan Ryan is an award winning journalist, author, columnist, speaker and co-founder of Sick Pilgrim Media. The Library Journal called his debut paranormal thriller, 3 Gates of the Dead (Open Road Media), “a real attraction for fans of The Exorcist and the darker fiction of C. S. Lewis and Charles Williams.” Book two in the series, Dark Bride (Open Road Media), was released in April 2015.

He co-founded Sick Pilgrim with with Jessica Mesman Griffith as a way to explore the edge of faith, reason and doubt. Along with the online community, they started the Wonder Podcast. Their book, Stranger Journeys: How Two Sick Pilgrims Stumbled Back into the Catholic Church will be published in Fall 2017 by Loyola Press. In 2017, they were given the Wilbur Award for excellence in religious communication.

Just recently, he has entered into the YA world with his co-writer, Jo Schaffer, by signing a contract with Month 9 books. Their book, set in 1934 depression era St. Louis, will be released in Spring 2018.

Along with his book writing, Ryan has written for Christianity Today, U.S. Catholic, Notre Dame Magazine,  Quantum Fairy Tales, and Huffington Post.  His journalistic work with Patheos.com involved interviewing the controversial Kirk Cameron, Ken Ham, actress Vera Faminga, and horror director James Wan. He also produced live coverage of the Ken Ham/Bill Nye the Science Guy Creation Museum debate.

Jonathan’s proudest moment as a writer came when he was asked by the Charles Williams estate to write an introduction for the  famous Inkling’s novels on e-book through Open Road, the first person since the renowned poet, T.S. Eliot, to introduce Williams’s work to the world.

He recieved his Masters of Divinity and was a Presbyterian minister before he entered the Catholic Church. He has spoken to a wide variety of crowds about writing, faith, religion, and the weird. His audiences have included The CCO Jubilee Conference, Salt Lake City Comic Con, Teen Author Boot Camp, Get Inked Writer’s Conference, Women in Publishing (Chicago), and the Festival of Faith and Writing.

Jonathan currently lives in the Midwest where he works as a writer and editor.